Current Legislation

During the 85th session of the Texas Legislature in 2017, more than a dozen bills were offered on a number of eminent domain topics, including:

  • Defining property right protections in a bona fide offer
  • Notice to property owners
  • Timing of offer process and appraisal submission
  • Admission of privately negotiated sale data in Special Commission process
  • Right to repurchase property
  • Compensation via royalty payment
  • Sale of additional property not condemned
  • Sale of heritage property
  • Entering a landowner’s property without permission and surveys
  • Omnibus bills addressing multiple of the above topics

Stay tuned as the 86th legislative session draws near and revisit this page to view new legislation to be offered during 2019.

Bills to Watch

Legislative Calendar

January 8, 2019
86th Legislative Session Begins