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Few things are more dear to the hearts of Texans than their private property rights.

No matter whether you live, in a rural or urban area, eminent domain affects you. Texas private property rights need to be protected. Join us in our efforts to effect change with our elected officials.

  • Tell your story! If you’ve been through the eminent domain process, we’d love to hear from you.
  • Talk to candidates, elected officials, and legislators prior to the legislative session about your concerns. Ask them to support reform for the eminent domain process. We can help you identify your lawmakers and craft your message to them.
  • Send us an email, and we will keep you informed of our reform efforts and events statewide.
  • Direct others to this website to share their stories and help us push for eminent domain reform.
  • If you want a speaker to come to your area to discuss eminent domain reform, send us an email.

Together, Texans can effect change. Let’s protect property rights for our generation and those to follow.

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